Wicomico County Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers 

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If you had a brain tumor, you wouldn’t look in the Yellow Pages for the least expensive neurosurgeon. You would seek out an experienced and aggressive Wicomico County criminal attorney who has handled cases like yours with favorable outcomes for decades.

It’s no different when you are charged with a serious crime and seeking legal representation in Wicomico County, Maryland.  Maryland criminal defense trial and appellate lawyer In License Age Licenses United The - Drivers 2019-01-18 Utah States Driver's brings the experience and legal knowledge to assert and protect your rights. The Law Office of Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC have successfully defended clients in highly publicized cases throughout the Eastern Shore of Maryland and across the state. Many clients face media scrutiny, public wrath and the possibility of many years in prison. The Law Office of Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC take all of these factors into account during the course of our representation of all clients.

Wicomico County Maryland Criminal Lawyers
The Law Offices of Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC handle all criminal charges, felony and misdemeanor, state and federal. We take cases in the greater Baltimore area, Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore and throughout the state, as well as federal cases in nearby states. Our clients include first-time and repeat offenders, professionals and blue collar workers, college students and citizens of other states or countries.
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Craig Kadish, Esq. has decades of experience practicing criminal defense law in Wicomico County.

Your case is one of the most important things in your life.

Every case gets our best effort.

While we have handled big cases —murder trials, intercepted drug shipments, sophisticated frauds — we believe that an aggressive, well-prepared defense can make a real difference for anyone accused of a crime. With The Law Office of Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC you are in the hands of formidable courtroom attorneys and savvy negotiators whose only focus is the best result for your situation.

Criminal charges raise many questions and fears, and even a “minor” crime like drunk driving or Iron Driving Old Sides – Uk Fake Licence carries long-term consequences. We are attentive and accessible to our clients through the twists and turns of sometimes complex and intimidating process. We give realistic expectations — then work hard to exceed them.

Wicomico County Criminal Lawyer
We are available when you need us 24 hours a day. Contact us online or call us at 410-837-0020 to protect your rights and begin planning your criminal defense.  Schedule your free consultation today!